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About us


Multifaceted, refined and of naturally elegant, Carolina Santarelli founded Affresco in 1993, managing to combine the strategic vision of the business with the enthusiasm of those who know how to create new solutions and in line with the desires of their customers. Always the creative soul of the company, over the years she has perfected the style of her company combining originality, exactness and attention to every detail. Her quest for excellence drives her to create unique, tailor-made events, capable of satisfying a demanding clientele that loves to be surprised. Beauty, creativity and elegance are the characteristics that Carolina has always sought in her work, aware that the presence of these elements allows the emotion of each event to be experienced in a profound and intimate way.

affresco's team

The Affresco team consists of valuable experts, each with their own talent andunvaluable experience. We have created a melting pot of industry professionals, and synergized their talents in a way that offers as much value as possible. Each of our clients receives our full attention, with an “all hands on deck” approach that maximizes creativity and ensures a finished product that consistently surpasses expectations. The 'Chic Celebration' thematic set-up workshop is led by an long-time set designer, who uses her talents to transform spaces into immersive worlds of unparalleled refinement. At the helm of our company is Carolina Santarelli, our managing director and founder. Our goal is to consistently improve our knowhow: in pursuit of that, we create partnerships and collaborations with our vendors and service providers in order to constantly expose ourselves to new ideas on how we can better serve the needs of our clients. Creativity is not a technique, it is an attitude!