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"I have always researched and collected unusual objects and unique pieces to decorate my tables, play with meanings and entertain my guests. From this great passion of mine and from the conviction that an idea cannot remain just an idea, comes the Affresco Scenographic Laboratory, Chic Celebration. A hotbed of creativity, where together with skilled artisans and experienced workers we give life to our dreams and the desires of our customers. Chic Celebration is a unique service in Italy that makes me proud and engages us with joy and dedication every day. Each set-up is the result of a perfect harmony between design, emotion, and surprise" – Carolina Santarelli

Event Theme Design

Colors and watercolors, brushes and pencils, paper, scissors, plaster and clay, resin and glue, wood, iron and nails, jute and raffia, fabrics, sequins, velvets and ribbons are all tools we use to create a world that is not there. We rely on the skillful hands of our masters of scenographic art and our inexhaustible creativity.

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Private Events and Celebrations

There are moments in life that deserve to be celebrated. For us, each of those moments is an opportunity to […]

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Music and art are an essential part of the ambience and overall mood that we aim to instill in our creations. Our set designers work with professional choreographers

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"Creativity is seeing something that doesn't exist yet"