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From its awe-inspiring landscapes to its countless masterpieces of architecture, art, and fashion, Italy is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. We aim to harness our country’s offerings in everything we do, creating events that could not occur anywhere else on the globe for our clients. When we are asked to design an event for a corporation, we see it as an opportunity to showcase the value of our client’s brand and by creating emotional connections, we cultivate brand loyalty.

Brand Event & Product Launches

For many products, the initial launch is the most important stage in the life cycle; a crucial moment that can make or break its success. This is why we spend hours deliberating, analizing and brainstorming over the theme, location, decorations, entertainment, brand comunication, to ensure the success of a flawless event.

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An intense creative approach, combined with an expertise gained over years in the logistics management of events, has allowed us to develop communication strategies and scenographic solutions in line with any company’s vision.

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Incentive & Team Building

Whether it is a day of carefree fun, or a more serious occasion of training or teambuilding, Affresco Events Group selects the most effective proposals in constant search of new market trends.

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Success is not only what you accomplish in your life, but also what you inspire in the lives of others.