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Phygital experience BOX

It is the Virtual Event 4.0. A new and exciting reality without borders or distances. We build a complete virtual event for your company with the  highest level of interaction amongst participants. A world in which physical and virtual realities merge to share emotions. We are able to develop a real immersive space through the use of the most sophisticated technologies. We can create a real television broadcast with a dedicated channel and a 3D scenography uniquely designed for your Brand.

Participants will be able to interact through a live chat in real time. Every aspect will be managed by a careful direction to transfer the contents of the convention into a totalizing experience. Our¬† phygital box is the element that strengthens the network of connection and sharing within participants: augmented reality, team building, exhibition sets and virtual rooms are just some of the endless possibilities of involvement that will allow a memorable “phygital” experience to your guests.